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Iran Zamin Printing Industrial Group was established in 1975 under the name of Techno chap by the late Mr. Mehdi Golestanian and became a famous competitor for neighboring countries by equipping modern machineries for production and printing of packaging wrappers by heliography and Flexography methods. After the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the company was renamed to Iranzamin.

This group has always made great endeavor in order to reach to growth and development and updating the technical knowledge of the company and its personnel. With the establishment of 4 separate factories to meet all the needs of the group and also other coworkers on a land area of 50,000 square meters in the Hashtgerd industrial town and the replacement of the latest machinery, the group has implemented its development plan.

Currently, Iranzamin Industrial Group is a reliable partner for satisfying all the needs of printing houses and consumers, benefiting from more than 300 specialized personnel and having the manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education as well as having the mandatory standard certificate of Iran and also ISO9001/10002 certificate for all its products.

The late Mehdi Golestanian, with 70 years of endeavor in the printing industry as the director of Iranzamin Industrial Group, make the collection of awards and plaques received by the group more completed by receiving a plaque of honor as a pioneer in printing industry and being selected as the printing industry representative in the Iran hall of fame. Following him, his children take the responsibility for maintaining and developing the group.

One of the first printing presses in Iran

This machine was imported to Iran in 1289 AH by the Golestanian family, which is currently based in Iran Zamin Company, and shows the presence of this family in the printing industry.
The first printing house of the Golestanian family was founded by Seyyed Ali Mohammad Mousavi Golestaneh, the great father of Mehdi Golestanian, who was an Iranian businessman in India. Habal Al-Matin Printing House was established in 1259 in that country.
Ali Mohammad Mousavi emigrated from India to Iran after the Revolution of 1278 and established the Al-Matin Printing House in Isfahan using several small and large lithographic and lead printing machines.
You will rarely find a source in the history of Iran's constitution that does not contain the name of the Habal al-Matin newspaper. This newspaper has played a significant role in enlightening and informing the Iranian people to realize their rights and freedoms against Qajar tyranny.

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